Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

We hope this holiday season brings you moments of peace and well-deserved downtime. As 2024 fast approaches, we’re looking back with appreciation on a year filled with meaningful relationships and inspiring work. Below is a round up of our favorite projects this year. Thank you for being part of our creative community. Wishing you joy and a spectacular start to the new year!

Samsung Digital Health

What if every heartbeat, every step, every medical record was seamlessly connected? That’s the premise of Samsung Digital Health, a new digital platform that takes exercise, activity, sleep, and other data from wearables and connects to the information shared by your care providers. We worked with Samsung’s product team to create a video story that would explain the various use-cases in the “day in the life” of a Digital Health user. From booking appointments to finding the best prices for medications, this is an entirely new bridge to accessible and personalized healthcare.

Quiet Town Holiday Campaign Video

Quiet Town makes beautifully designed accessories for the bath and home. For their holiday collection, QT co-founders Lisa and Michael Fine wanted to create a special brand video that communicated a universal message of love and play, with a recognizable flavor of San Francisco. Together, we were inspired by playful Sixties films like A Hard Day’s Night and Jules and Jim, and we decided to shoot the entire campaign on actual Kodak film stock— 16mm and 8mm. This proved to be the perfect medium for capturing the freewheeling nature of our actors on location.

Collab Fertility

Opening this January in Walnut Creek, CA, Collab Fertility will unveil a state-of-the-art IVF lab and a brand-new fertility clinic. Our partnership with Founder and Medical Director Thalia Segal spanned from the initial stages to an entire creative launch, encompassing the brand strategy, a distinctive brand identity system, the development of a new website, and an impactful social media strategy.

Perspectum Touchscreen App

Perspectum’s mission is to enable precision technology for all. They wanted to up their trade show game for a series of health tech conferences. We delivered a new interactive touchscreen experience, highlighting their products that leverage Quantitative MRI and AI to deliver diagnostic tools for radiologists.