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What's in a name?

Belmondo is an Italian portmanteau for “beautiful world.” It's our belief that great design can connect people for the better.

Since 2012, our team has partnered with companies to develop innovative, inclusive solutions for brand communications.


Inside out

Although we got our start in the agency world, our most formative years were spent elsewhere.

Our entire leadership team has worked in-house at big tech companies, leading design teams to build end-to-end products and  pursue marketing goals informed by real data.

This experience has shaped our approach at Belmondo.  We understand the unique challenges of building consensus across departments and developing solutions that will last longer than the next quarter's marketing budget.

We don’t see ourselves as outside consultants— we’re co-creators working side-by-side with your team. And we’re here to do more than solve short-term problems. We want to create lasting transformation.


How we do it

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Strategy backed by research

Discover the audience insights you need to launch new brands, reimagine old ones, and forge strong narrative concepts that work across all media.

Human-centered creativity

Whether you're looking to develop a web experience or a documentary series, our team can help you to put the customer at the center of the journey.

Bespoke marketing

Need to get up to scale with growth marketing? Our media team can use data to stretch every dollar. Need splashy commercials and omnichannel presence? We can do that too.

Leadership Team

We are a family of designers, filmmakers, writers, researchers, and marketing strategists.

Headshot of Joanna Ellis, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Belmondo Studios

Joanna Ellis

CEO / Creative Director

Joanna's career has spanned agency work for Wieden + Kennedy, entertainment sites for Cottonblend, product design for Ticketmaster and Yahoo!, where she led the design of the award-winning Elections and News categories. Her work has enjoyed wide recognition, including Addy® and American Inhouse Design Awards, and publication in David E. Carter's book Logo 2.0.
Headshot of Peter Brambl, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Belmondo Studios

Peter Brambl

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Peter's multidisciplinary approach to product marketing and design is a reflection of his diverse experience as a copywriter, filmmaker, and creative director for major brands.  He has worked in a range of industries for clients of all shapes and sizes, ranging from  Fortune 500  (Adobe, Amazon, Samsung) to startups (Topspin, Atlas) to high-profile entertainment (Paul McCartney, David Byrne, Eminem).
Headshot of Dan Hontz

Dan Hontz

Producer / Program Manager

Dan's career in media has spanned everything from major newspapers to Internet giants and mobile app startups. Trained as a photo-journalist, Dan has filled various roles, including writer, editor, photographer, and producer. In leadership roles, he's overseen product and operations of major media properties including Yahoo! News, and
Headshot of Patti Parker

Patti Parker

Market Research Specialist

Patti began her market research career in 1999 and has developed a passion for talking to consumers and uncovering insights ever since. A RIVA trained moderator, Patti has conducted hundreds of focus groups and contextual inquiries. Patti has held senior positions at Market Strategies International (MSI), Doxus and Gartner as well as growth and development roles at Brand New Corporation and Griggs-Anderson Research.

Jessica O'Connell

Content Strategist

Over the course of a two-decade career, Jessica has worked as a PR lead, copywriter, and communications strategist. In recent years she has guided  advocacy at the  San Francisco Food Bank and managed the marketing programs at Save The Bay. She's also an experienced yoga instructor, and it's not uncommon for her to kick off a client meeting with a brief group meditation.
Navigating the future
From user research to experiential design concepts, we're here to help you tackle the big problems and build strategic solutions to transform your business.

Our Services

Brand Strategy + Research

Audience insights    •   Brand analysis   •   Positioning   •   Content Strategy   •   Brand Naming and Identity   •   Messaging Frameworks   •   Toolkits and Style Guides

Multi-Platform Design

Websites and App Design   •   Social Media    •   Event and Environmental Design   •   Logo Design   •   Print   •   Package Design    •   Brand Books   •   Audio Branding

Video + Motion Graphics Storytelling

Scripted Advertising   •    Long and Short Form Documentaries   •   Customer Stories   •   Animation and CGI   •   Product Videos and Explainers   •   Photography   •   Social Media Content